Invitation to Umpire at the 2017 World Junior Table Tennis Championships

Deadline : 1st September 2017

The Organizing Committee of the 2017 World Junior Table Tennis Championships, cordially invites International Umpires (IU) for this prestigious event, which will take place in Riva del Garda, Italy, under the direction of the Italian Table Tennis Federation from 26 November to 03 December 2017. The hospitality starts from lunch on Saturday 25 November 2017 through to breakfast on Monday 04 December 2017. The nominees, or their Associations, are responsible for all related travel and insurance costs. Please note that by submitting a nomination, the Association confirms its responsibility to ensure the nominee has sufficient financial support for airfare, an additional night’s accommodation, the course and exam fees.

The umpire should meet the following criteria:

1. ONE International Umpire who has achieved Blue Badge status, or, alternatively, has attended a certified Advanced Umpire Training (AUT) course and passed the Advanced Rules Exam (ARE); and

2. ONE International Umpire (White Badge) who has been active internationally for at least two years, but has not yet attended an AUT course. Any nominee in this category should be one of your best newer umpires, capable of achieving Blue Badge status within two years.

It is ITTF policy to encourage female participation whenever possible, so please encourage your female umpires seriously to consider applying for this prestigious assignment. As an incentive, if one of the umpires nominated in 1 or 2 above is female, association may also nominate one extra umpire (a third nomination) in the Blue Badge or Blue Badge in progress category.

Umpires need to arrive no later than 25 November 2017 and attend the Referee Orientation planned for the evening.

An Advanced Umpire Training Course (AUT) will also be conducted on 25 November 2017 from 08:30 to 18:00 thus arrivals are expected on 24 November 2017 for those attending the AUT course. All qualified White Badge Umpires selected for this event MUST attend this course.

Participants (or their Associations) will be responsible for the course and advanced rules exam fee of US$50, plus the additional night’s accommodation. Certified URC Trainers will conduct field of play evaluations for umpires working at the Championships.

Please complete the nomination form by no later than Friday 1st September 2017 to Late submissions will not be considered.

The URC will confirm the selection by no later than Thursday 14th September 2017 and an announcement will be made on the ITTF website.

In preparation for the announcement of selections, please could you ensure you have a copy of your passport, as this will be required for visa purposes.

Download Form : Official Nomination Form