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TTAM coaching levels, in sequential attainment order, are:

TTAM coaching levels.jpg

TTAM List of Qualified Coaches:

1.   TTAM has 9 qualified Level One Coaching Course Conductors, who can conduct courses for the first four levels:

  • Christina Chee Shin Lian

  • Fan Xiao Jun

  • Chan Kee Chien

  • Aiman Fazeer Yap

  • H’ng Kim Shan

  • Jong Min Shing

  • Ng Sock Khim

  • Beh Lee Fong

  • Fan Xiu Gui


2.   TTAM has 1 qualified Level Two & Level Three Coaching Course Conductor, who can conduct courses for Level 2 and Level 3.

  • Christina Chee Shin Lian


3.    ITTF Level Three : Those coaches who have met all of the requirements of a Level 3 table tennis coach education program accreditation.


  • Christina CHEE Shin Lian*

  • FAN Kow Jan*

  • TAN Tiang Song

  • NG BEE Yong

  • TING Ing Hock

  • Fan Xiao Jun

  • BEH Lee Fong

  • CHAN Kee Chein

  • Aiman Fazeer Yap

4.   TTAM Level Three:

  • BEH Lee Wei

  • TAN Cheng Keat

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