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(1st Issued: 1st June 2014)


This directive will provide a written guide to be used by International Umpires who intend to umpire in an international competition, be it held overseas or locally.



It is to be noted that direct invitations from any party to IUs, except by the TTAM URC via the TTAM website or otherwise, will not be entertained and neither are IUs permitted to solicit invitations. Should an umpire be approached directly by an overseas Association inquiring as to whether the umpire would be available to officiate in a particular competition, the umpire is required to inform the said Association to send an open invitation to the TTAM. Should an IU be interested to umpire in a competition that is not advertised on the TTAM website, the umpire is to forward the invitation url to the Chair, TTAM URC who shall then decide if this invitation should be published on the TTAM website.



An umpire who receives a confirmation of appointment from a source other than the NURC, is obliged to inform the Chair, TTAM NURC of such appointment within three (3) days of receiving such notification.



The TTAM Exco has approved a fund to be used to subsidise the travel costs of IUs umpiring overseas with the provisio that the URC has the prerogative to decide on which candidate to receive the funding for each assignment. It is intended that with this subsidy, more umpires would be able to take on overseas umpiring assignments so as to gain the necessary exposure and experience.



Following is a list of competitions for which this directive is applicable together with the travel-cost implications which are correct at the time of first writing this directive.

1. Competitions for which the travel cost is normally paid for by the organisers:

• Olympic Games

• Paralympic Games

• Youth Olympic Games

• World Para TTC

• Commonwealth Games

• Asian Games

• Asian Para Games

• ASEAN Para Games

• Asian Para TTC 2


2. Competitions for which the OCM/MSN (or organizer) will normally pay the travel cost should the OCM/MSN decide to send an umpire:

• SEA Games


3. Competitions for which the TTAM travel subsidy is applicable:

• World TTC

• Asian TTC

• Asian Youth Games

• ITTF Registered Events (e.g. Asian Jr & Cadet TTC, SEA Jr & Cadet TTC)

• ITTF Approved Events (e.g. Asian Cup, US Open)

• ITTF Recognised Events (e.g. African Youth Games, South American Games)

• ITTF Sanctioned Events (e.g. World Tour, GJC, Men’s /Women’s World Cup)

• ITTF PTT Sanctioned Events (e.g. Slovenian Open, Thailand Open)

• Commonwealth TTTC


• SEA Junior TTC

• Asian Junior TTC

• Any other competition as decided by the NURC from time to time



Travel Subsidy means payment for travel by air only for an overseas assignment, excluding Singapore.



1. A NURC registered IU with at least 2 years’ experience

2. Since becoming an IU, has officiated as an umpire in at least two (2) overseas competitions where the travel cost was 100% self-funded (no payment received from a 3rd party)

3. Is currently active as an umpire at State and National level competitions

4. Full payment, less the travel subsidy, will be self-funded (no payment received from a 3rd party)

5. The maximum number of competitions for which an IU may receive a travel subsidy in any one calendar year is two

6. The maximum amount of subsidy an IU may receive in any one calendar year is RM750.00 in the aggregate

7. Travel Subsidy per umpire per competition shall be RM500.00 or 30% of the travel cost, whichever is lower

8. An umpire whose travel cost is paid for by the organiser or OCM/MSN shall pay to the TTAM a sum of RM500.00 or 30% of the travel cost, whichever is lower, which will be added to the annual grant ofRM10,000/- Travel Subsidy made available by the TTAM.



1. Where an application for travel subsidy is made:

a. An umpire wishing to avail him/herself of the travel subsidy, shall make an application in writing to the NURC

b. Payment of the subsidy shall be made only if the prior approval of the NURC has been obtained

c. Within 14 days of his/her return from the event, the umpire is to submit the following documents to the NURC:

• Written report on the competition

• Copies of flight ticket and boarding passes

• Invoice for amount paid

• Umpire’s bank name and account number

d. Once approved by the NURC Chair, the documents and approval will be forwarded to the TTAM for payment


2. Where the travel cost is paid for by the organiser/OCM/MSN:

a. By the end of the event the TTAM will inform the umpire and the NURC chair the cost of the flight ticket b. Within seven days of receiving the information, the NURC chair will inform the umpire the amount to be paid to the TTAM

c. Within seven days of receiving the notice from the NURC chair, the umpire shall transfer the said amount to the TTAM account and forward a copy of the bank transfer slip to the TTAM and the NURC


3. An umpire who receives partial or full-subsidy from a third party shall not be eligible for the travel subsidy.


4. An umpire who is appointed to an international event where no travel subsidy is provided or where the cost of travel is paid for by the organiser, shall, within 14 days of his/her return from the event, submit the following documents to the NURC:

• Written report on the competition

• Copies of flight ticket and boarding passes



An umpire who applies but is not nominated, reserves the right to appeal according to the following procedure:

• In the first instance, to inquire orally or in writing from the Chair, TTAM URC as to the reason(s) for   not being appointed

• Should the umpire not be satisfied with the reason(s) given, the said umpire shall then make a      

  written inquiry to the Chair, TTAM URC, if this was not done earlier

• Should the said umpire still not be satisfied with the written reason(s) given, the umpire may then

  send a written appeal to the TTAM Hon. Secretary, with a copy to the Chair, TTAM URC.

• The decision of the TTAM shall be final and binding.

• Should no appeal be received by the Chair, TTAM URC within seven days of the umpire being

  informed of the nomination(s), it shall be deemed that that there shall be no subsequent appeal.

• An appeal, if made, should only be with regards to the reason(s) for not being nominated, and not

  for any other such reasons as number of nominees, age, gender, etc..



• An umpire applying for the travel subsidy or to be appointed to an event where the travel cost is paid for by the organiser/OCM/MSN or where the travel cost is self-funded is deemed to agree to all the above terms and conditions.

• Failure to comply could subject the umpire to disciplinary action such as suspension, deregistration, etc.

• For the purpose of expediency, the NURC reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of this document.

• This Directive shall be applicable for invitations published/made after the issue date of this directive.



Cyril Sen Chair, TTAM URC


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