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Umpires invitation for Liebherr 2019 World Table Tennis Championships

Deadline : 19th January 2019 (Saturday)

Dear Friends,

The ITTF Umpires and Referees Committee (URC), in cooperation with the Organising Committee of the Liebherr 2019 World Table Tennis Championships, cordially invite National Associations to nominate one or two Blue Badge International Umpires (BB) for this prestigious event, which will take place in Budapest, Hungary, under the direction of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association, from 21 - 28 April 2019. The hospitality starts from lunch on 20 April 2019 through to breakfast on either 26 or 29 April 2019, depending upon whether the nominated umpire(s) is selected for the final three days. The nominees, or their Associations, are responsible for all related travel and insurance costs.

Commencing this year for selected World Tour events, a new approach for selection of umpires was used. In close cooperation with the ITTF Competition Department and the organisers this new approach will be used again in 2019 in specific World Tour events and also in the 2019 World Championships. The following principles are applicable:

• The work of match officials is part of the professional presentation of table tennis; • It is expected that the status of the event correlates with the quality of umpiring - the best match officials should be selected for the main draw in World Title Events; • Match officials are expected to be present in the venue during the whole day in which they are nominated as an official; • Hospitality for match officials will only be provided for the working days and one day before and one day after; • The daily allowance for match officials will be adapted to the status of the event; • Umpires selected for the final three days will be chosen based on having shown excellent performance in the past three years; • Travel costs for umpires officiating in the final three days will be paid;

You may nominate two IUs who have achieved Blue Badge status, at least one of whom must be female. Umpires need to arrive no later than 20 April 2019 and attend the Referee Orientation planned for that evening.

Certified URC Evaluators will conduct field of play evaluations for umpires working at the Championships during the first 5 days.

Since this is an open invitation, unfortunately many umpires nominated may not be selected. The selection will be based on geographic boundaries and gender equity. The URC will confirm the selection by no later than 20 February 2019 and an announcement will be made on the ITTF website. This announcement will specify those umpires who are selected only for the first 5 days and those selected for the final 3 days as well. Flights should only be booked after having received the final decision of ITTF URC about the working days (final days yes/no).

Please complete the nomination form with past overseas assignments form by no later than Saturday 19th January 2019 and email to with copy to State TTA (State endorsement required), Mr. Lee Su Hau ( and Ms. Corrine Wong ( Late submissions will not be considered.

Please use the attached form.

Thank you.

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