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The Hon. Secretary,

TTAM State Affiliates

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that the State Level Umpires Examination 2019 will be held as follows:

Date : Either on April 5th (Friday), April 6th (Saturday) or

April 7th (Sunday), 2019

(To be decided by State TTA)

Time : To be decided by State TTA

Place : To be decided by State TTA

Closing Date for submission of : 12 noon of 23rd March 2019

Candidate Registration Form &

Payment of Fees

Where possible, it is recommended that State TTAs conduct a basic umpire’s course as early as possible, preferably at least one week before the examination so as to help candidates prepare for the examination.

The entry fee for the examination is RM10.00 per candidate payable to the TTAM.

State TTAs may charge the participants an additional fee to defray costs, such as photocopying, refreshments, etc. However, State TTAs are responsible for the remittance of RM10.00 per candidate to the TTAM by the time of the ‘closing date’ stated above. State TTAs are to complete the attached form ‘2019-1_TTAM SU Exam - Candidate Reg Form.xls’, one for each Centre, and return the same to no later than the closing date stated above.

Failure to submit duly completed forms and/or to pay the required fee by the date and time stipulated above may result in the registration form being made invalid.

Please note that the Question Paper will be sent directly to the named Chief Invigilator (Proctor) ONLY, who shall be responsible for the security and confidentiality of the Paper as well as for the conducting of the Examination and return of the answer scripts. The email given must be that of the Chief Invigilator and not a 3rd Party.

Where there is more than one Centre in any one State:

i. Please use one form for each Centre, noting that there must be a different Chief Invigilator for each Centre

ii. All Centres in any one State must conduct the examination on the same date, failing which, the Centres that conduct the exam on the later date may have their results voided.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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