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Invitation for Umpires to the 27th Asian Table Tennis Championships

Deadline 16th June 2024 (Sunday) @ 2.00 pm

Dear Friends,

The ATTU Technical and Umpires Committee, in cooperation with the Table Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan (TTFRK), cordially invite Member Associations of ATTU to nominate International Umpires (IU) for the twenty-seventh Asian Table Tennis Championships to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan from 7th October to 13th October 2024.

A total of thirty-two (32) overseas International Umpires will be invited.  Hospitality in a double room sharing with another umpire starts from lunch on 6th October through to breakfast on 14th October.  The nominees, or their Associations, are responsible for all related international travel costs to Astana, Kazakhstan and insurance costs.  Each Umpire will receive an honorarium in accordance with ATTU guidelines.

Associations may nominate up to three (3) International Umpires.  At least one of the nominations should be an International Umpire who has achieved Gold Badge or Blue Badge status, with the other nomination being International Umpires (White Badge) who have been active internationally for the past two years.

With agreement of the ITTF URC, certified evaluators will conduct field of play evaluations on eligible umpires working at the 2024 Asian Table Tennis Championships.  An Advanced Umpire Training (AUT) Course and an online Advanced Rules Examination (ARE) will be held one day before the Championships on Sunday 6th October 2024 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  White Badge Umpires selected for the event may take part in the AUT.  From 2024, format of the AUT has been modified and all candidates must go through some self-study and two online sessions with the course conductor before being allowed to attend the on-site AUT in Kazakhstan.  Those who pass the online ARE will enter the Blue Badge (BB) umpire program of URC.  Arrival for those attending the AUT Course are expected to be on Saturday 5th October 2024.  Candidates of the AUT/ARE or their Association will be responsible for the fees of USD 50 for the AUT and USD 30 for the ARE plus the additional night’s (Saturday 5th October) accommodation.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended.  Should a nominated umpire require a visa, kindly send relevant details when submitting the nomination with full name as in passport, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, expiry date of passport.  A letter of invitation will be provided upon confirmation.  Please note that the issuance of a visa is at the sole discretion of the relevant Consulate or Embassy.

All Umpires not attending the AUT/ARE are expected to arrive sufficiently early to attend the Referee Briefing planned for the evening of Sunday 6th October 2024.  They are also required to undertake to stay for the entire period of their appointment.

This is an open invitation to all Member Associations of the ATTU and therefore not all nominated umpires may be accepted.  Only nominations submitted by Associations of ATTU by the deadline of 21st June will be considered.  Names of IUs being accepted will be sent to all Associations by 1st July 2024.

Please complete the attached nomination form and submit it to TTAM (, copy to State TTA (State endorsement required), Mr. Lee Su Hau ( and Ms. Corrine Wong ( not later than 16th June 2024 @ 2.00 pm.  Late submissions will not be considered.

We highly appreciate your consideration while nominating your IUs for the event.

Thank you for your support.

TTAM Nomination form - 27th Asian Table Tennis Championships
Download DOC • 480KB
IU Overseas & Local App Form (2018 - 2024)
Download XLSX • 11KB


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