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National Sports Council Carnival Games 2020 - Simulation Games

In conjunction with the Carnival Games MSN, 12-13 December 2020, TTAM had organized the simulation games on 12 - 14 December 2020 which consisted of 3 events namely singles, mixed doubles and team events. After a long break due to the global pandemic Covid-19, our athletes had shown a strong desire to compete in the competition. All the players enjoyed the game and were really excited. We could see their fighting spirit in each game and how much they valued the experience.

We are thankful that the National Sports Council (MSN) invited us to join the simulation games ‘Carnival Games 2020’.

The ultimate goal for these simulation games was to keep the players motivated and competitive. The prize money was an additional incentive as we were aware that some players were down during this trying time. Though the prize money was not much but it was something to keep the players in high spirits.

The following were the results of the simulation games: -

1) Single (Mixed Male & Female)

1st - Muhamad Ashraf Haiqal

2nd - Choong Javen

3rd - Ho Ying

2) Mixed Doubles

1st - Wong Qi Shen & Tee Ai Xin

2nd - Muhamad Ashraf Haiqal & Ho Ying

3rd - Tan Yi Heng & Alice Chang Li Sian

3) Men Team

- Muhamad Ashraf Haiqal & Choong Javen

4) Women Team

- Tee Ai Xin & Lee Xin Ni


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